“Scary Commercial” guy haunts me

I was doing research on colonics for yesterday’s post and a Google Image search for “high colonic” turned up the scary commercial guy I posted about several years ago!

Mr Six - Six Flags Scary Commercial Guy

I followed the image link back to a New Jersey transit blog post from 2004 complaining about having to see this guy on transit ads. It got me curious. I had previously found out the character’s name from the Six Flags ads is “Mr. Six”. I searched on that term and it led me to another blog where writer Paul Davidson had just this year uncovered the actor behind Mr. Six.

The actor? Danny Teeson. He’s part of the cast in Bravo TV spinoff Queer Eye for the Straight Girl – which just so happens to be another blog post of mine where I predicted his TV series years before it’s inception. I called it Butch Eye for the Girlie Girl. I guess they couldn’t use my title without paying me royalties or something.

Add all this to the fact that ever since I first posted about this Six Flags pitchman, I get a minimum of several visits a week to my blog by people searching for the term “scary commercials”.

I just can’t escape this creepy guy!

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