How much is a user worth?

$1 to charity, says +Bearman Cartoons. He's worth following for free, so this is quite a bargain if you don't already have him in a circle. 🙂

Thanks +Keith Cramer for calling it to my attention and +Bearman Cartoons for being the crazy charitable user that you are!

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For every new G+ follower I net till the end of May, I will donate $1 to charity.

Click the link for additional ways to get me to donate money:

I donate money for your actions This is the fourth year I have done this. I will donate MY money (up to $1000) when people do different things including following me on G+, Blogging about the challenge, cartoonists including me in their regular strip, adding me to your blog roll, etc.

Plus anyone that donates money in honor of Bearman Cartoons to, I will match that donation up to $500.

I don't usually ask people to share my posts, but this one will help spread the word on some great causes I am supporting including:

Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank:
+Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
and of course
Crayons to Computers:

Challenge will run till the end of May. Thanks for all your engagement and support.

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4 Responses to How much is a user worth?

  1. Bearman Cartoons says:

    Thanks Scott. And I really don't want you delisting me..haha

  2. Scott Cramer says:

    No worries. Unless I can get fame or fortune, then I apologize in advance.

  3. Tim Gatewood says:

    I added him to my Artists circle. Does that count?

  4. Bearman Cartoons says:


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