Because Sometimes +1 is Not Enough

This post dropped off the radar a while back. Today, for all of you who read and interact, it returns (courtesy of +Mellie B)! 😉

#bubblepoppingninjacat #50pointcrazymonkey

Reshared post from +Scott Cramer

Because Sometimes +1 is Not Enough

Thanks to everyone reading and interacting! This is for you! 😉

#bubblepoppingninjacat plays well with #50pointcrazymonkey

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3 Responses to Because Sometimes +1 is Not Enough

  1. Scott Cramer says:

    +100 +Mellie B for the resurrection of #bubblepoppingninjacat 😉

  2. Mellie B says:

    my +1 implies a +100 😉


  3. Brendan Farrell says:

    A ninja cat is the only cat I would adopt

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