Star Wars Bomber Nose Art

I love the old WWII bomber nose art so this was a total win for me. 🙂

Thanks +Dirk Reul for the post!

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? Star Wars Pin-Ups ?

A bit of retro style pin-ups for your TIE-Fighter, X-Wing or A-Wing?

Ninjaink has your back, find and buy all of this on redbubble.

#StarWars #pinup

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3 Responses to Star Wars Bomber Nose Art

  1. Dirk Reul says:

    You're welcome Scott 🙂
    Oh and.. Empire or Rebels?

  2. Scott Cramer says:

    Rebel with the Imperial artwork. 😉

  3. Dirk Reul says:

    Smooth answer 🙂
    I believe the verdict on my post was Empire all the way.

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