When the Sith's Away

This is a fun watch. The two bits starting at 1:13 with the carbonite and the limbo are awesome so at least skip to there. 😉

Thanks +ed chism for the share and +Benjamin Wetteborn for the post!

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How can you not smile at this when watching this? Or perhaps a facepalm is in order? Thanks +Jason Garcia

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5 Responses to When the Sith's Away

  1. Kyla Myers says:

    I was going to tag you on this but figured I'd already inflicted enough damage with the last two. 😉

  2. Todd Brauer says:

    It's a Death Star dance break, awesome!

  3. Aldric Newberry says:

    Not mobile enabled..


  4. Glencora Martinez says:

    I like the part where they limbo with the light saber, good party game eh?

  5. Scott Cramer says:

    +Glencora Martinez Exactly! 😉

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