Sean vs. Shark

+Sean Cowen vs. +Fluffy McSharkah Khan in a New Year's Eve rumble!!!?
Sean vs. Shark

+Sean Cowen vs. +Fluffy McSharkah Khan in a New Year’s Eve rumble!!!

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16 Responses to Sean vs. Shark

  1. Kari Tedrick says:

    I can't believe you mounted Fluffy and hung her above the mantle.

  2. Terry Poulin says:

    My monies on the Viking 😮

  3. Mary C. says:

    Awesome going there, +Sean Cowen!
    Space Invader hitching a ride with Fluffy! Most excellent!

  4. Bryan Beck says:

    You guys look like you have more fun in one day than I've had in like 5 years. Keep it up.

  5. J. Hancock says:

    go sharkie go!  go sharkie go!

    oops, I mean YaY Sean!

  6. Keith Cramer says:

    I'll be cleaning up shark blood for a week.

  7. Sean Cowen says:

    +Fluffy McSharkah Khan Sean already has. It's an extremely slow acting poison in those darts. You'll start to feel drowsy, FMK, about half way to Denmark, then it's lights out!. Mwah…!

  8. Scott Cramer says:

    Just getting up. Pretty sure I got hit by one or more of those darts. Erghhh… Soda hangover?

  9. Wait, I got hit? I didn't feel a thing. That's how tough I am.

  10. Kyla Myers says:

    Looks like you all had fun. :)

  11. Scott Cramer says:

    Small group but a very fun time. Good people all around!

  12. Kyla Myers says:

    Clearly, I needed to be there.

  13. Keith Cramer says:

    It just wasn't complete without any Texans in the house.  :-)

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