Not a vegetarian New Year

Courtesy +Keith Cramer?
Not a vegetarian New Year

Courtesy +Keith Cramer

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10 Responses to Not a vegetarian New Year

  1. adawet rath says:

    nice !! share with me!!

  2. Kyla Myers says:

    It looks like he's eating the head of a dog? O-o

  3. Keith Cramer says:

    Zombie dog carnivore!

  4. STAN ACUFF says:

    Never thought¬† dogs had that much meat in there heads, Guess I will switch from flimsy cat heads to dogs….bbbbaaaaahhh

  5. Mmmm….. Road kill….

  6. I'm not going to make a comment, looking good though

  7. Chad Haney says:

    That's one way to make +Halfdan Reschat a FullDan.

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