Nataly Dawn and Lauren O'Connell, New Song

I've been a fan of Nataly Dawn for a while now; first came across her as a part of Pomplamoose. In the time honored tradition of marketing, it took me a thousand lyrical hits to the head to finally support her musical efforts in some way! Procrastination, thou name art Scott. That being said, I preordered the album for this song – AND now get my name printed in the thank you portion of the physical deliverable – turns out I'm into that sort of thing. Check her out, then join me so I can have some friend's names around mine; cause that would be even more cool. No matter what, enjoy the music!

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5 Responses to Nataly Dawn and Lauren O'Connell, New Song

  1. Jeremy Seifert says:

    I also love Nataly Dawn. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Chad Wilson says:

    Pre-Order placed!

  3. Scott Cramer says:

    +Chad Wilson?, awesome! Now I'll know another name on there!

  4. Chad Wilson says:

    I must admit that I did because of her eyes. I love Nataly's eyes from day one. Yes, she has a beautiful voice, too. But..those eyes!

  5. Scott Cramer says:

    No argument!

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