Creepy Cat

Very creepy cat owned by my brother +Keith Cramer?, named Ghost, no less. Gotta see to really get the full creepy factor!

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8 Responses to Creepy Cat

  1. Bruce Shark says:


  2. Sandy B says:

    Damn you, Brothers Cramer!

  3. Jeanne Hannigan says:

    She's lovely, but who's the creep at the end?

  4. Scott Cramer says:

    Bwahaha! This was all +Keith Cramer?, +Sandy B?! Well… Ok… I might have planted a suggestion on the last bit…. 😉

  5. Sandy B says:

    Uh huh

  6. Keith Cramer says:

    "Creep at the end????"

    Yeah… I guess you got me there…

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