It all started innocently enough. Florida photog +Kari Tedrick flew into Indiana for a work conference and +Kristi Fahlsing and I drove down to HIRL with her in downtown Indy. Coincidentally, events coincided with +Chris Mallory's birthday, so we decided it would be most awesome to take him out for the evening. We grabbed #BigHeadChris  and away we went to the fine dining establishment named Dick's Last Resort (http://goo.gl/WeaMM). After a good dinner and some drinks, and a run-in with the infamous #BigHeadJim +Jim Gomes inside (http://goo.gl/52Jk6), we decided to head back to Kari's hotel and the club lounge.

Upon arrival at the 10th floor club, Kari swiped her access card and opened the doors to find none other than #BigHeadHalfdan  +Halfdan Reschat sitting at a table complaining about the American beer he was drinking to  #BigHeadYoon  +Yoon-Mi Kim. Apparently, the two of them had flown in from across the pond for a very surprise (and not at all stalker-like) visit. Even crazier, moonlighting for some extra cash in a cross-country trip, was New Yorker #BigHeadMatt  +matthew rappaport. He was just getting off shift so we invited him to stay and hang with us.

We asked Halfdan what they did for fun in his home country and, after another lecture on the quality of American beers, he said just two words, "Pillow fights." #BigHeadYoon , with a twinkle in her eye (some may call it an evil glint, but some may get punched), as if she had been awaiting just this moment, challenged #BigHeadHalfdan  to a match. Halfdan, more than confident with his American beer buzz, accepted the challenge and then said something about feathers and honor which we all assumed was a Danish thing. He picked up a pillow and proceeded to hand one to Yoon, but with a cackle (there's no doubt, regardless of the punches, it was a cackle) she flung open a service door and out popped #BigHeadDamian  +Damian Sanchez! "Nobody expects the #BigHeadDamian !" she squealed with delight to the surprised look on our faces. Well, all except Chris, sitting on the couch with Matthew, who, being from California, maintained the zen-like composure of one who has experienced many strange events.

With an ear-piercing shriek, which any familiar to Google Plus events knew to be the trademarked Sanchez Epic Manly Man Squee, #BigHeadDamian  picked up a pillow and faced off against #BigHeadHalfdan . The combatants circled each other slowly as #BigHeadMatthew  hummed the infamous Star Trek Pon Farr fight music. The battle raged mightily and in the climactic last round, which would determine the one true Big Head Pillow Fight Champion (all in caps because it's important) we were all surprised by +Mar Mai who had decided to make our HIRL her debut to revealing her true identity to the entire Plus world!

Halfdan and Damien, in recognition of this momentous event, called their battle a draw. Then, as an historic group shot was about to be taken, the battery on my phone (coincidentally the only phone anyone thought to bring) died. Ah well, we figured we would just get a phone from one of our rooms. But first, #BigHeadMatt  proposed a toast. He said it was a concoction he had recreated himself from the movie The Hangover. After a long-winded speech about Google Plus and Wolf Packs, we all drank (well, Mar had chocolate milk). That, my friends, is the last any of us remember. When we awoke, Mar was gone and all we had left were these photos. True.


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14 Responses to EPIC HIRL IS EPIC

  1. Kirk shelton says:

    come to daddy…………..

  2. Wanda Howe says:

    Officially creeped out: considering block …

  3. Kristi Fahlsing says:

    +matthew rappaport and +Halfdan Reschat have awesome taste in t-shirts!

  4. Scott Cramer says:

    Such a coincidence… 😉

  5. Damian Sanchez says:

    I still don't remember the events of that weekend. It was an out-of-my-body and into-someone-else's-body, as if someone was wearing my face. Very Fringe like. Shudder

    Glad to know there was photographic evidence of said event, otherwise I wouldn't believe it.

    (On an anal retentive side note, it's spelled #BigHeadedDamian…and I'm only saying that because #BigHeadedDamian has a Big Ego that bruises easily. #IJS.)

    PS, nice pics! 😉

  6. Damian Sanchez says:

    Can I also just say I look absolutely fabulous in that striped blouse…and my hair never looked so long, full, and luscious as it does in those pics!

  7. Scott Cramer says:

    +Damian Sanchez Hmm… I don't see anything wrong… hums innocently 😉

  8. Scott Cramer says:

    I think +Mary C. drove +Mar Mai but we have no evidence due to her superior ninja skills.

  9. Kari Tedrick says:

    Must have been drunker than I thought. I have no recollection of +Mar Mai being with us. Perhaps that's when I was fighting with the espresso machine. Great post +Scott Cramer and I agree +Damian Sanchez you look fabulous!

  10. Kari Tedrick says:

    Also, I totally love +Halfdan Reschat 's new curly hair. He should where it that way more often. Wonder if he and +matthew rappaport go to the same barber?

  11. matthew rappaport says:

    Excellent tee tee shirts 😉

  12. Halfdan Reschat says:

    Awesome portrayal of the events that took place place on that special night. American beer apparently makes me grow a lot of curly hair.

  13. Yoon-Mi Kim says:

    Q. Where did +Mary C. drive +Mar Mai …?
    A. Around the bend!

    I'll get my coat…

    p.s. haven't had a chance to read the actual post as super busy at work but very much looking forward to it!

  14. Yoon-Mi Kim says:

    Haha, having now read the story it's hilarious! I especially love how  #BigHeadDamian and #BigHeadHalfdan are always posing for the camera – they don't look at each other ONCE during their EPIC pillow fight!

    +Brigitte Wooten, thought you might like the wackiness (wackyness?) of this 🙂

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