Air Sharks!

This needs to be a movie and I want to see it!!!

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16 Responses to Air Sharks!

  1. Jeremy Seifert says:

    oh, does Michael Bay have a new movie coming out?

  2. Corey Charette says:

    This would be something made by Asylum or +Syfy

  3. Scott Jordan says:

    It'll be on Syfy in a week.

    AirSharks vs CrocoOctoSpiderSaurus!

  4. Corey Charette says:

    Starring Tiffany and Debbie Gibson most likely

  5. Chad Wilson says:

    …and Casper van Deen

  6. Corey Charette says:

    True that +Chad Wilson.

  7. Scott Cramer says:

    Lmao! FTW to all!

  8. Charles Weeden says:

    "Coming this Fall, the movie you've all been waiting for… AIR SHARKS!"

  9. Chad Wilson says:

    Ya know, if the artist had put a laser on the shark's head…we would have won the internet.

  10. Scott Blaydes says:

    Need to combine this with Snakes on a Plane.  Everyone is jumping out of the plane to avoid the snakes, but ending up prey to the Air Sharks(c).  Maybe I am putting too much thought into this.

  11. Scott Cramer says:

    +Scott Blaydes No… you have only begun to scratch the surface! 😉

  12. Charles Weeden says:



  13. Allen Simpson says:

    There was a #doctorwho episode with air sharks. Back me up here #whovian friends +Jo Lane +Kyla Myers, and +Scott Cramer, you should already know this.

  14. Corey Charette says:

    Yes it was "A Christmas Carol".

  15. Jo Lane says:

    +Corey Charette got there before me +Allen Simpson! And as being eaten by a shark is my only phobia (and a very sensible phobia at that) I am not at all happy about air sharks! :S

  16. Scott Cramer says:

    Funny that… Since you are a WordFeud shark… 😉

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