Do you want fries with that javascript?

Even if they wanted to churn out more reliable products, most programmers lack the skills. Point-and-click development aids like Visual C++ have turned software creation into a For Dummies exercise.
– Brendan I. Koerner, The Bugs in the Machine, WIRED August 2002

Billions and billions served. We call it McCode folks.

It’s fast. It’s convenient. You use it because it’s shoved in your face. To be fair, though, if the consumer doesn’t ask for a gourmet dinner, the restaurant isn’t going to replace the burger flippers. And if a burger flipper can be paid like a gourmet chef… why spend the time in the kitchen when you can be out spending that fat paycheck?

As computers infiltrate more of our daily lives – in our cars, our airplanes, our bodies themselves – there is more and more demand for fast written code. More demand for quickly trained programmers.

Sleep tight everybody.

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