Weekday Morning

Looking out the back patio in the morning I wonder if anyone else is looking up or just watching the clock on their stove or microwave or wall or cellphone, their overriding thought to the task of scurrying away to school or work. Is there any regard for the clouds except a passing glance to assess the need for a jacket? Any wonder if they march still for winter's army or have joined spring's rebellion? There's a patch of blue beckoning me outside to see if sky or clouds will prevail this day, but daughter is already walking to the garage with her bookbag and bills won't pay themselves so I grab my jacket and go.

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Instagram post by Scott Cramer • Feb 18, 2017 at 1:50pm UTC
1 Likes, 1 Comments – Scott Cramer (@ransackery) on Instagram: “”Weekday Morning” – Looking out the back patio in the morning I wonder if anyone else is looking up…”

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8 Responses to Weekday Morning

  1. Scott Cramer says:

    +Dawn H Jackson??, always inspiring me to look up. Thanks for all your sky pics!

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