Umm… No Words

Flash? Flesh? Flash? Spiderman web belly? O.o

Going with "Lost a Bet Man". That I know a little about.

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37 Responses to Umm… No Words

  1. Melissa Fisher says:

    I think he meant to make it look like a 6-pack. -.-

  2. Yvan Da Silva says:

    LOL 😀

  3. Scott Cramer says:

    Wrong kind of six-pack! LMAO

  4. Helena Bertinelli says:


  5. Kyla Myers says:

    Stop playing dress-up and get back to work, Cramer. 😉

  6. Scott Cramer says:

    +Helena Bertinelli Don't look him in the eye… then again, don't look down either. Ergh.

  7. Scott Cramer says:

    +Kyla Myers No no. Today I have the "My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse" shirt one. Silly girl.

  8. Scott Cramer says:

    I'll +Dirk Reul this for a dollar. 😉

  9. Helena Bertinelli says:

    +Scott Cramer Can I have the eye bleach now?
    And what is "Dirk Reuling" something? It's a verb now?

  10. Scott Cramer says:

    Eye bleach uploaded. Use copiously.

    Yes. I think +Dirk Reul ing is now a G+ verb. Luv it. Good idea. 😉

  11. Halfdan Reschat says:

    This looks quite a bit like you, +Scott Cramer.

  12. Kari Tedrick says:

    +Helena Bertinelli Yes. Yes it is.
    Don't make me +Dirk Reul you!

  13. Scott Cramer says:

    No… not hairy enough. C'mon.

  14. Helena Bertinelli says:


  15. Halfdan Reschat says:

    +Scott Cramer, so you're saying you shaved your stomach to hide your true identity?

  16. Scott Cramer says:

    +Helena Bertinelli Click through the hash #gplususermashup  😉

    +Halfdan Reschat Hmm. Your logic is sound. But  #innocentandmaligned

  17. Helena Bertinelli says:


    Scary. Applies more eye bleach

  18. Mellie B says:

    stop abusing my hashtag

    (don't. It's hilarious)

  19. Halfdan Reschat says:

    +Scott Cramer, I afraid to accuse you further because I'm afraid you'll end up posting a photo of your hairy stomach to prove your innocence.

  20. Mellie B says:


  21. Kari Tedrick says:

    +Halfdan Reschat  did yous seriously just give him that idea?

  22. Kari Tedrick says:

    Please Scott, I'm begging you. Don't do it!

  23. Halfdan Reschat says:

    +Kari Tedrick, now you're asking for it.

  24. Mellie B says:

    +Kari Tedrick i don't think that works. That's essentially what +Halfdan Reschat did.

    Y'all wanna see belly pics, keep it up. 😉

  25. Kari Tedrick says:


  26. Scott Cramer says:

    It's like this:
    Click if you dare. 😉

  27. Kari Tedrick says:

    Oh look suddenly I lost internet connection… guess I'll have to come back and check that link later….

  28. Halfdan Reschat says:

  29. Scott Cramer says:

    I laugh cuz you clicked! 😉

  30. Halfdan Reschat says:

    +Scott Cramer, I couldn't help myself; my curiosity was killing me.

  31. Halfdan Reschat says:

    <throws smoke bomb>

  32. Andrew Clifton-Brown says:

    Oh dear god….

  33. Pat Armstrong says:


  34. Jacqueline Hodsdon says:

    Ha!  🙂

  35. matthew rappaport says:

    This IS how we FLASH it!

  36. Joe Lincoln says:

    Comic book guy : Thank yoouuu!

  37. Dirk Reul says:

    +Scott Cramer .. glare

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