The Wolf of Wall Street – No thanks. I'll pass

I was already shaking my head about this film, even if they portray the sky falling (which I do not know if they do). After reading this, I officially pass on this flick.

An Open Letter To The Makers Of 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' –

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An Open Letter To The Makers Of The Wolf Of Wall Street, And The Wolf Himself

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7 Responses to The Wolf of Wall Street – No thanks. I'll pass

  1. Mar Mai says:

    I agree with you +Scott Cramer. And this letter definitely is a heads up about it.

  2. Dirk Reul says:

    Yep, not going to touch this one. The financial industry has pretty much ruined everything and they continue to do this every day.

  3. L.S. Cody says:

    And it's Scorsece of all directors. Meh. Didn't really interest me anyway.

  4. You didn't see Blood Diamonds, either? That would be like supporting the diamond industry and all the wars it fuels in Africa. Maybe Django Unchained endorsed slavery… and Kill Bill revenge and assassinations. 


    It's as much movie as it is social commentary. 

    Just this paragraph (from +Screen Rant sold me on the movie: 
    Marking the fifth collaboration between master filmmaker Martin Scorsese and leading man Leaonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street is nothing less than a brilliant and nightmarish  portrait of the true face behind America’s greed culture, which manages to impress, amuse, offend and outright terrify – often all at once. It does to the tribal circle of the financial services industry what Goodfellas did to the tribe of the Italian mafia – and arguably does it better than Goodfellas (certainly better than the similarly themed American Hustle).

  5. Scott Cramer says:

    Point taken +Miguel Angel Gutierrez Ramirez. However, it was a while after 911 before you saw buildings toppling and planes crashing into them, regardless of the marketing paint. Also, I think making a movie about wall street like this is akin to printing collectible cards of serial killers. The other movies you mentioned don't stack up the same way to me ultimately.

  6. Jake Kern says:

    I don't know… Jonah Hill is in it…

  7. Just rent it or watch it on Netflix in a few months to give it a try. A 5 out of 5 review on +Screen Rant is very rare and Wall Street will certainly not gain nor lose anything. Those fuckers will continue fucking people up regardless.

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