The Amazing Race 9 – Episode 6 Recap

The Amazing Race – Season 9 – Episode 6

Amazing Race Eric and Jeremy
The Sickening Frat Boys (Eric and Jeremy) – AHHHHH! Somebody shoot me! They came in first *again*. On the plus side, since CBS moved the show back to “family time” I think they are editing out some of the more sickening comments by these two. They have proven one important thing that applicants to TAR should pay attention to – you do *not* have to be a genious to do well in the race. One step at a time, don’t overthink (not a real problem for these two), keep moving forward, and don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. Unlike these two, though, you can leave out questions like “Hey hottie foreign girl, how about some directions to your room?” Barf.

Amazing Race BJ and Tyler
Hippies (BJ and Tyler) – How exactly did they fall behind the frat boys? They don’t seem to stress about it though. Sucks that they aren’t winning some of the cool trips, but I think if they went home on the next show (unlikely) they’d still be in good spirits. I’m sure they’re hamming it up a bit more than normal life for the TV cameras (hello! technicolor clothes), but hey, they’re succeeding. It’s good TV. I’d like them to win. I predict – unless something catastrophic happens – it will be them, the frats, and anybody’s guess for the final three.

Amazing Race Joseph and Monica
Mo Jo (Joseph and Monica) – Wow. I liked them so much better when they were invisible and I couldn’t remember them. How about him saying he was going to stick the swordfish sword through one of the local’s heads? Niiiiiiice. Real nice. And, heaven forbid she smell like fish. 😉 I think the local fish market folks found her crying and him yelling so annoying they didn’t even want to help them.

Amazing Race Fran and Barry
Old Couple (Fran and Barry) – Great with maps, not so good with driving? I love how they seem so close and loving in interviews. I want to be like that. However, when he’s out doing the kayak polo and trying to throw the ball in the goal, she’s all “He’s pathetic!” and “Does he even know what he’s doing?” And, she’s saying it in front of another team – oh yeah, let alone the entire freakin’ viewing audience. AND, just like the episode where they were about to step on the pitstop map and they STILL wouldn’t help another team, they chose not to help someone again when they passed them by in their car. I know everyone is out to win, but what comes around goes around. Maybe the hippies should give karma lessons at night?

Amazing Race Lake and Michelle
Married Parents (Lake and Michelle) – I’m so sick of Captain Redneck.

Amazing Race Ray and Yolanda
Ray and Yolanda – Now that they are a little less invisible, I like them more. It was a little funny/sad when they were asking for directions that they were being ignored. Perhaps if he had taken off the cap and tried not to look all “hoodlum” it would have helped. Ironic that they mentioned that they’d never stop in the middle of the night in America to ask for directions for fear of what would happen, but they felt safe doing so in the foreign country – and then they didn’t get the same help it looked like the other teams received. I’ve got a feeling, though, they could be the wildcard team of the game. The other teams should be careful.

Amazing Race David and Lori
Young Love (David and Lori) – I’m said, but not surprised. They walked when they should run. They didn’t ask for directions when they should have. They seemed a bit overwhelmed. I hope that the race really did bring them closer together. I really hoped this episode would have been a non-elimination, but no dice. I’m sure that will only happen for the old folks, the frat boys, whiny mojo, or Captain Redneck. Blah.

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2 Responses to The Amazing Race 9 – Episode 6 Recap

  1. Gitsie Girl says:

    I especially liked Phil’s dancing this time. He should do it more.

  2. mto says:

    I think Michelle should dump the creep. She is too cute and too sweet for the neanderthal that has all the earmarks of a domestic violence verbally abusive jerk. Michelle, you are too good for him. Any time you did well, he would never give you near the kudos you deserved. He doesn’t have any respect for you and how you sacrificed your own fear to do the bungy jump that anyone knows rattles a person afterwards. And for Mr. Domestic Violence. It takes a hundred atta boys to negate one negative comment. You call the girl that is the mother of your children a”dumb Bitch” and think you are winning anyone’s respect. Think again. You lost all of America’s respect when you spoke in that manner to Michelle. Most people that act like you have no real foundation of self esteem and have to put other’s down to protect their fragile ego. Sick of you!!!! Michelle
    will have herself a man in a heartbeat that would treat her well. Best to you Michelle. Show the Creep the door!

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