Tee Off Mr. Bean

Happy Birthday to +Rae Ouzts! I know this video features mini-golf, but I hope you still enjoy it!

Golf skit starts at 13 minutes and 43 seconds.
Mr. Bean heads off to a mini golf course where he plays but ends up following the ball everywhere it goes and continues to play even when it's not on the course.

#HappyBirthdayRae ?

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4 Responses to Tee Off Mr. Bean

  1. I have the DVD of all the Mr. Bean episodes. The Christmas special is my favorite! I love the scene where he starts playing with the figures in the Nativity set at the department store. 😀

  2. Scott Cramer says:

    He is brilliant!!!

  3. Catriona H says:

    Just can't help but laugh at these – excellent!

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