Sleep yourself smarter?

I am in so much trouble.

Some info from another article at the same source follows the link:

Here is some of what we do know:
• Sleep helps solidify memories.
• Prolonged sleep deprivation causes decreased neurogenesis.
• Even mild sleep disturbances can interfere with the encoding of memories.
• Naps can significantly improve memory and performance (short 10-20 minutes are best).
• Lack of sleep increases emotional reactivity (makes you touchy).

Some tips on how to get a good night’s rest:
• Don’t nap after 3PM. ME? Never nap.
• Go to bed at the first wave of evening fatigue. ME? Push it until I pass out.
• Keep consistent sleep and wake times. ME? No two days are the same.
• Avoid caffeine (including chocolate) late in the day/evening. ME? Nope.
• Ramp down physical and intellectual activity before bed. ME? Nope.
• Exercise regularly. ME? Shamefully, no.
• Quit smoking (nicotine is a stimulant). Finally got one! Never smoked. Never will.
• Make your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible. ME? Yes, but cluttered.
• Don’t work in bed. ME? I work in bed sometimes; if I make it to bed.
• Don’t eat 2 hours before sleeping. ME? Failed. Plus, never know when I'm going to sleep.
• Reduce alcohol consumption (lowers quality of sleep). Got another! Rarely drink.
• Meditate. ME? Late night reality shows are as close as I come to mind like water.

A corroborating article:

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Your Brain On Sleep
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11 Responses to Sleep yourself smarter?

  1. David Bates says:

    I only had the drinking one cause I rarely drink. So at least you are doing better than me :) Oh and I have strict wake up times cause I have a job… does that count?

  2. I totally misinterpreted the "SLEEP yourself smarter" start to your post until I realised it said "sleep" and not "sleep around"!

  3. I thought sleeping on your text book didn't really work….

  4. Matthew Spah says:

    Who has time to sleep 4 hours after they study?

  5. Seriously, when I was in school I rarely had 4 hours to spare, much less them strung together.

  6. Kim Crawford says:

    OK,here's my couple of cents and hi there +Scott Cramer !! We know that memories are formed during sleep;the deeper stages and possibly REM so it is best to study right before bed. We also know that the better your sleep is,the less likely you are to get Alzheimer's. We know melatonin production starts diminishing at age 30;hence the plethora of "sleep problems" after this age;rare before. So: melatonin supplements,possible 5-oH-tryptophan supplements,ALL lights off;including cover the LEDS and you'll live longer,have a better immune system (forgot that one) and there's so much more than this which is probably TMI for a google+ post LOL!

  7. Scott Cramer says:

    +Kim Crawford You are my MD comment HERO! That is exactly what I knew I could get from you!!! You rock my dear.

  8. Kim Crawford says:

    Awwww I just luv you +Scott Cramer !

  9. jada says:

    i think i am the youngest on here i am 9

  10. jada says:

    i am the youngest on here

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