Rag and Bone

I don't remember what I was originally searching for on Google images, but I found this image and saved it in a browser tab to get back to later. (1) I love the image. It's an illustration by John Jude Palencar. (2) The picture accompanied a short story by Priya Sharma; I have not finished reading it yet, but I am enjoying it so far.

From the link:
“Rag and Bone,” by Priya Sharma, is about Tom, who buys unwanted household items and scavenges other materials (including bones) and resells them in an alternative 19th century Liverpool in which the wealthy use the poor for parts from the inside out, should they need them. Colorful, disturbing, and moving as Tom maneuvers warily between the masters he serves and the poor from whom he scavenges.

John Jude Palencar:

Rag and Bone Short Story:

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11 Responses to Rag and Bone

  1. Paul Stickland says:

    Great image Scott.

  2. Scott Cramer says:

    Thanks +Paul Stickland! It reminds me of another artist… but I can not think of his name. I will find it and post something when I get home. 😉

  3. Mellie B says:

    +Wanda Howe this makes me think of you?

  4. Tazein Mirza Saad says:

    Beautiful! +Scott Cramer

  5. Dan Wilcox says:

    That is very interesting Scott.

  6. Skye Delaney says:

    The picture sold me +Scott Cramer Bookmarked the story to read this evening. It is 8:00am in my corner of the world and I am off to work. Thanks for the share.:)

  7. Micha Fire says:

    bookmarked too – and off to work =))

  8. Anna Robertson Davis says:

    Love this!

  9. Priya Sharma says:

    Thanks for the mention, Scott. I love John Jude Palencar’s illustration.

  10. Scott says:

    Thanks for the comment back Priya! Awesome work. I’d love to see you join the Google Plus community and share your talent there also. 🙂

  11. Scott Cramer says:

    The author, Priya Sharma, commented on this thread on my off-site blog where I back up my posts. He said, "Thanks for the mention, Scott. I love John Jude Palencar’s illustration. He also left his website address, which is:


    We need to encourage him to create an account here and share with the community.

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