New British Budweiser Ad

Budweiser is set to release a new proprietary can in May. The new can mimics the shape of the iconic Budweiser logo and a new manufacturing process had to be created for it. "Aluminum can be stretched only about 10 percent without fracturing, which requires that the angles of the bowtie be very precise."

An Anheuser-Busch spokesman said, "We felt that with the new can centering on precision, innovation, and a long-standing philosophy that bow ties are cool, a tie-in with the current incarnation of the long-standing British sci-fi icon, Doctor Who, was a perfect match." Ads will be test marketed mid summer in select cities.

p.s. 😉

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20 Responses to New British Budweiser Ad

  1. Claudio Ibarra says:

    They sell water in cans now?

  2. A.V. Flox says:

    Okay. Doctor Who just got a whole lot less cool.

  3. Chad Wilson says:

    Bud drinkers will be paying the same price for less beverage — it is less than 12 ounces.  The potential collector value of this marketing scheme is suspect.

  4. Jana Dexter says:

    Too bad the beer itself is rubbish…

  5. Kirk shelton says:

    For some reason I dont fancy The Doctor a Bud drinker.

  6. A.V. Flox says:

    +Kirk shelton, yeah, not in a million years.

  7. Kirk shelton says:

    all of time and space, he chooses Yankee piss water. doubtful.

  8. Chris Aultman says:

    Anyone who knows the Dr. knows he'd never drink a bud.

  9. Matt Lorence says:

    1. How do you extrude a can that is narrowest in the middle?
    2. If aluminum only stretches 10% before it fractures, how do they take a hockey puck shaped chunk of aluminum and stretch it into a 5"+ tall can?

    Shenanigans all around.

  10. Chris Aultman says:

    Now, it the can was bigger on the inside…….

  11. A.V. Flox says:

    cc: +Yonatan Zunger

  12. Yonatan Zunger says:

    Put it back in the space horse.

  13. Scott Cramer says:

    Just for the record, I don't even drink beer…

  14. A.V. Flox says:

    +Yonatan Zunger, dying of the lol.

  15. Scott Cramer says:

    +Matt Lorence The can is true. Silly, and holds less, but true.

  16. Matt Lorence says:

    I still don't believe their 10% figure.

    aluminum can extrusion machine
    Just look at it! That's like, 1000% stretch!

  17. Scott Cramer says:

    The whole thing is a Dalek plot. Or a #Reulek  one, eh +Dirk Reul? 😉

  18. Kirk shelton says:

    On second thought. Fish fingers and custard… Bud just might be so weird and gross the Doctor would like it

  19. Doug B. says:

    Awful. Dear Brits… Please stick to pimping your own nations swill, not ours. At least then we (Americans) wouldn't know much better and would still think you're cool.

  20. Dirk Reul says:

    Oh dear.. Budweiser is not something I'd call beer.. this is awful! (And I know how amazing American Microbrewed beers are)
    That said. .Yes.. the Daleks could be behind this.. <_<

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