LIve Action Bambi with Dwayne Johnson

I love that Dwayne Johnson is so willing to be a part of something silly. This one cracked me up. LOVE the butterfly scene and all the horrible puns. :-)?

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‘SNL’: Dwayne Johnson In Disney’s Live-Action Bambi (Video)
For “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson’s fourth time hosting SNL, he starred in one of their digital shorts centered on a new live-action Disney film Bambi.

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4 Responses to LIve Action Bambi with Dwayne Johnson

  1. Galen Hussey says:

    Those one-liners… I can't stop laughing

  2. Martin Barnier says:


  3. Allen Simpson says:

    I'd watch the hell out of that movie.

  4. Shavkat says:

    Time to face the music armed with this great infmooatirn.

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