John Barrowman is Sparkly

Love John Barrowman. It will truly be a shame, and a lost opportunity, if he doesn't make an appearance soon!

As for 13, I'm over my initial chagrin that they cast it this time more as a statement and a stunt and am looking forward to how she does. Perhaps a statement/stunt is what it takes sometimes to move forward. As for people being upset at the decision OR those upset at anyone disagreeing with the new direction, it's a pretty big change; let it sink in to everyone. Let's remember why we care at all; a love of this wonderful Who universe.

Thanks +Jo Mills? for the article, from a FB post!

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John Barrowman dressed in a sparkly Tardis tutu to honour new Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker
Yes, you read that right

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26 Responses to John Barrowman is Sparkly

  1. Justin Lees says:

    Dr. Womb!

  2. MGTOW2 says:

    Well that's just Whiz. All the history gone for politically correction and fad gender benders. The Doctor is a follower now and the capt is cross dressing gaylord. Ruined

  3. SHINA ADEWARA says:

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  4. MyCouplesRockHard says:

    +MGTOW2 Yep, that's EXACTLY why I'm pissed about it. ? Doctor Who is dead to me now. ?

  5. Veronica G says:

    I love that man!

  6. Ryen Moore says:

    Only thing I see is the doctor and Malcolm Merlin standing beside each other.

  7. AAron Metcalfe says:

    It's just a silly TV show +MyCouplesRockHard? it really doesn't matter. Don't forget the Doctor is only make believe after all

  8. Lee Douglas says:

    Meh the writers make a gender change to a fictional character, shock horror!

  9. Scott Cramer says:

    Troll and hate comments deleted; threads related to them gone too or they'd be lost without reference.

  10. MyCouplesRockHard says:

    +Scott Cramer Oh my God, people can't have an opinion these days. ?

  11. MyCouplesRockHard says:

    +AAron Metcalfe DW is more than just "a silly TV show", it's an icon or at least it use to be. ?

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  13. Amanda Rachelle Warren says:


  14. AAron Metcalfe says:

    And icon of what +MyCouplesRockHard?? I've watched it, it's pretty silly

  15. MGTOW2 says:

    +MyCouplesRockHard spot on. My comment was deleted because DW will not be DW the way they will change it. It moves that far into an alternative universe that the Time Lords will never have existed. Just when we thought the crack in the wall had been sealed. The creators of this sci-fi lost what it was all about. Imagination and the great what if? And if "precious" deletes this comment cause someone needs a hug he can bleed his heart out.

  16. Lee Douglas says:

    +MGTOW2 and all because this fictional character is now a woman. You are strange.

  17. Helen Mcmanus says:

    I hope john has done that to show support to Jodie

  18. Scott Cramer says:

    +MGTOW2 Dude, why the shitty attitude? Opinions are okay; like what you typed here, except for the personal attack, which is a dick move.

  19. MGTOW2 says:

    +Lee Douglas i have been a fan of DW for 40 years and the format laid out has been a fixed event. I don't hate Barrowman but dancing in a tutu??? Really, do we want to cringe that much? No, not me that's for sure. Guest spots occasionally played by Barrowman have been ok but week in and week out? No, he isn't strong enough and yawn, we will have to leave him back in time just to get rid of his character and not run into him in the future. And as for a DW with tits? Now that's strange, Fancy a know it all Woman with a vendetta crossing your timeline? Yes/no/maybe Maybe a female DW whose homosexual lol. All in all if it aint broke don't fix it. Beam me up Scotty lol

  20. Irmiya Bulus says:

    john is right

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