Happy Birthday Lacerant Plainer!

Other than a swell guy, who is this +Lacerant Plainer chap who his friends refer to as "The Alien"? Well, glad you asked! He is a writer and SF author who likes to post about Science and geeky stuff. He has a few Science Fiction stories called 'The Final Colony' and  'Orange Rock' on Amazon.com as well as 'The Judgement Conundrum', a version of which is free on Smashwords (http://goo.gl/IWT3K). He also writes flashfiction stories at his blog. http://www.lacerantplainer.com

Show him some G+ love, peeps! 🙂
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34 Responses to Happy Birthday Lacerant Plainer!

  1. Carrie Canup says:


  2. John Ward says:

    Happy birthday, +Lacerant Plainer. I hope this year brings you wonderful things!

  3. marina etuci says:

    splendid work! very nice idea for a poster!

  4. Lacerant Plainer says:

    +Scott Cramer love the reference …. enjoyed Paul; quite fun to watch as well…. I kept feeling that this would have been a story I would have been proud to write.

    Thanks mate for the awesome b'day wishes… gonna save this pic for posterity :)) Brillo!!!!

  5. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Thanks +John Ward 🙂 Quite overwhelmed with all posts on my b'day!

  6. Carrie Canup says:

    Take your time +Lacerant Plainer

  7. Scott Cramer says:

    Glad you enjoyed it +Lacerant Plainer! Enjoy your day! I am glad our streams crossed somewhere down the line, sir. 🙂

  8. Lacerant Plainer says:

    You bet +Scott Cramer ! I was just telling +Gita Jaisinghani that its serendipity finding you on G+, honored to know you 🙂

  9. Mark Rodriguez says:

    this is excellent… +Scott Cramer you really need to participate in +Movie Mashup Tuesday more often

  10. Knut Torgersen says:

    AH-HAHAHA !!! Splendid!!!!

  11. Kari Tedrick says:

    Scrolling through my notifications and seeing all the bday post. Just as I was asking myself who the heck is +Lacerant Plainer , Scott's post comes into view answering my question at the very moment I was asking it…..
    Thanks +Scott Cramer for always having my back.
    So, Happy Birthday +Lacerant Plainer !

  12. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Heh thanks +Kari Tedrick 🙂 Well I'm as surprised as you that so many posts were made by my friends on G+ !…. so I'm thankful to have a bunch of awesome friends.

  13. Knut Torgersen says:

    Your awesome friends are awed to have you in our midst. So, +Kari Tedrick (if you haven't already) go on and add him 😉

  14. Kari Tedrick says:

    but of course, +Knut Torgersen . any friend of this group is a friend of mine.

  15. Knut Torgersen says:

    Attagirl 😉

  16. Scott Cramer says:

    Thank you, +Mark Rodriguez. Best intentions to but I am the suck at making it on the day! This one happened to synch up for me plus I had just bumped into Isabelle in another stream and that reminded me! 🙂

  17. Keith Cramer says:

    Happy Birthday +Lacerant Plainer!  Somehow I missed this one!

  18. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Thanks muchness +Keith Cramer 🙂 No worries, lol, it was a surprise for me as well!

  19. Keith Cramer says:

    +Lacerant Plainer hmmm, don't you have a birthday every year like the rest of us?? Maybe there is something to this alien thing, perhaps you are from a planet that takes longer to orbit the sun…hmmmm.. lol

  20. Isabelle Fortin says:

    oh this is super-cool +Scott Cramer !

  21. Sonja Miller Williams says:

    Good one +Scott Cramer !

  22. Jyoti Dahiya says:

    Fab job, +Scott Cramer !

  23. Lacerant Plainer says:

    +Keith Cramer …. hehe you got me… well a year is relative… and the days are different too.. all this time construct is artificial in any case. Starts to argue with himself about the artificiality of a second.

  24. Jyoti Dahiya says:

    So, +Lacerant Plainer , first you start arguing, second ….

    <runs for her life!>

  25. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Moves on to third … Sooooo we had this concept of a negative secondity. Its just before something was going to happen. Like just before you commented, I had this bucket of cold water…..

  26. Knut Torgersen says:

    Hey, Songkran was mid April!

  27. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Hehe +Knut Torgersen that's Thai 🙂

  28. Knut Torgersen says:

    Yes, it is – and what fun it is!

  29. Lacerant Plainer says:

    I can imagine :)) I've heard about the festival time!

  30. Knut Torgersen says:

    Part of the reason why I suggested Thailand when we talked about a meetup.

  31. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Oh I see! I have never been… when are you planning to visit Thailand next?

  32. Knut Torgersen says:

    🙁 We have no plans. You'd love it, though. It'd been sooooo cool if we could meet up there!

  33. Lacerant Plainer says:

    Yep! I agree 🙂 We have been thinking about it.

  34. Knut Torgersen says:


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