Greaser Batman

From the website: "Note: In recent Batman stories we’ve seen renditions of how Batman would have appeared in past historical times, but after seeing this submission by Denis Medri I feel like DC missed out on something big time. Hailing from Italy, this artist dreamt up a 1950s greaser Batman that is startling at how great it is. “Greaser Batman” might seem pretty cliche, but seeing Medri’s illustration here it comes off as a no-brainer. And check out that souped up Batmobile!"

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7 Responses to Greaser Batman

  1. Dirk Reul says:

    +Michele C you find this interesting :)

  2. Michele C says:

    I heart this! Thanks +Dirk Reul

  3. Skye Delaney says:

    NOOOO, not feeling this Batman at all. Looks like Fonzie with a bondage mask. 😀

  4. Scott Cramer says:

    I still like it. I imagine a less book smart, more street smart Batman with a knack for mechanics and brawling. 😉

  5. Skye Delaney says:

    and saying "Hey" while giving the thumbs up!!

  6. Dear +Scott Cramer I like this variation on Batman theme!

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