Geek Brain Map

"Sharks with frickin' lasers" makes up for the inclusion of "lolcats". Also, I had my parents trained to never mess with the action figures and graphic novels. They also wussed out under the dating section 😉

I also see my brain as being more sparkly after interacting with +Mz Maau this past year. It's kind of like sparkly brain cooties.

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21 Responses to Geek Brain Map

  1. Mz Maau says:

    Here to spread the sparkle, mang.

  2. Scott Cramer says:

    I knew I'd catch you with a tag eventually. 😉

  3. Mz Maau says:

    What, have I been missing tags? Most of the ones I've found not making it to notifications have been PMs.

  4. Kyla Myers says:

    Seems legit

  5. Scott Cramer says:

    Hm. One or two maybe… just me being me.

  6. Mz Maau says:

    If I didn't plus the tag, I missed it. If I plussed but didn't otherwise respond, I lacked the system resources to do anything with it.

    I will try to remember to look once home.

  7. Dirk Reul says:

    Hmm not quite up to date but lots of matches

  8. Scott Cramer says:

    No worries. Sometimes a man just needs some Maau. 😉

  9. Scott Cramer says:

    There is a different Dirk version with "pron" and "noms" categories. 😉

  10. Dirk Reul says:

    Good! Ooh personal versions >_>


  11. Martin Habovštiak says:

    I disagree.

  12. Scott Cramer says:

    Well, okay then.

  13. Chris Mallory says:

    Every time I see things like this it makes me feel like I'm not geek enough

  14. Mz Maau says:

    <— Not a geek.

  15. Scott Cramer says:

    +Chris Mallory You're in. No worries, mate. +Mary C. for corroboration!

    +Mz Maau … O.o

  16. Mz Maau says:

    There's even a song about it!

  17. Scott Cramer says:


  18. Mz Maau says:

  19. Mz Maau says:

    Not A Geek

  20. Mary C. says:

    Scott had a brain fart +Mz Maau! Seriously… epic… song… of epicness! <3 <3 <3 

    This brain geek chart… I'd have to switch it to Mac-PC-Commodore 64-PC-Mac 😀

    Chris…. is… geeky… -ish a bit?  <_< 
    The fact that he has a willingness to learn/understand more geeky things makes him a-ok in the geek halls of geekdom!

  21. Scott Cramer says:


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