Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful

Very cute commercial by dogfood company Beneful. Be prepared to go d'awwwwww!!! :-)

Thanks to my sister for e-mailing me the link. 😉


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Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful®
Beneful takes play to new places with this inventive Dog Goldberg machine powered by dogs and their favorite toys. Play. It’s good for you. Stay connected wi…

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4 Responses to Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful

  1. D'awww! Cute!

    Question! How did they get 4 puppies to sit "still" like that??

  2. +Kristi Fahlsing no, they are puppies … just going with the flow :O)

  3. +Veronique FROMENT I have a puppy, he would have never sat there. But he's stupporn. :-)

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