Big Head Jim on the town!

#BigHeadJim ready to HIRL with +Kari Tedrick, +Kristi Fahlsing, and me!

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13 Responses to Big Head Jim on the town!

  1. Kyla Myers says:

    +Jim Gomes has all the fun!

  2. Jim Gomes says:

    +Kyla Myers Cheers!

  3. Kristi Fahlsing says:

    @ Dick`s Last Resort.
    H I L A R I O U S!

  4. misaki khan says:


  5. Kari Tedrick says:

    "loads" of fun!
    Thanks for the BJ +Scott Cramer

  6. Kyla Myers says:

    Um er…might want to rethink that sentence, Kari.


  7. Kari Tedrick says:

    No, I said it right. 😀

  8. Kyla Myers says:

    Well alrighty then. 😉

  9. Scott Cramer says:

    This is notoriously missing context, I fear. 😉

  10. Kristi Fahlsing says:

    Nope, +Kyla Myers, +Kari Tedrick said it right. I got one too! 😉

  11. Scott Cramer says:

    #BigHeadJim +Jim Gomes had more fun inside. 😉

    Some other new BigHeads made an appearance later in the evening…

  12. Jim Gomes says:

    BigHeads and BJ's. Nice.

  13. Scott Cramer says:

    Jim surprised us in the restaurant a little later to wish +Chris Mallory a happy birthday!


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